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Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams has been investigating in an ongoing manner, the relationship between nature, mechanisms within nature and of an internal structure of an amalgamation of the two, through drawing, painting, video, sculpture and photography.

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Helen Platania

Helen is an exhibiting mixed media artist working from her home studio in Greensborough. Her work is a reflection of feminine sensitivity, and explores the corners of the mind and the things you find there. Art journaling is an important part of her process and often the place she feels free to experiment and develop ideas.

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Nadine Dudek

Nadine has a passion for wildlife art with a particular affinity for birds. Watercolour performs beautifully to capture the movement and freedom of the subjects she paints.

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Penelope Aitken

Penelope Aitken’s paintings of plants sometimes incorporate ink brewed from the plants themselves. This homeopathic gesture towards finding ‘essences’ foregrounds the elemental nature of matter.

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