Marty Hirst

 Coffee & Gin Studio
Painting, printmaking, digital art

Heidelberg Heights (Zone 3)

Melissa Fraser
Melissa Fraser
Melissa Fraser
Marty Hirst working in studio

Marty’s work is fueled by coffee and gin; two of his favourite beverages. He works in paint, drawing media and print-making, and is exploring themes of precision and decay. Marty’s paintings are colourful and expressive with subject matter taken from everyday experiences. Precision and decay refers to the practice of making art that then begins its own process of disintegration. Marty says it also refers to the processes that keep capitalism going through both scientific precision and the unregulated exploitation of labour that decays the bodies and souls of those who must work to live.


Location: Heidelberg Heights Banyule Open Studios



Studio Amenities: Toilet
Child friendly

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