Amanda Tattam

Mosaic, mixed media

Macleod (Zone 2)

Amanda Tattam- platypus mosaic
Amanda Tattam- platypus mosaic
Child looking at mosaic animal mural
Phillip HOWe
Phillip HOWe

I am an emerging mosaic and mixed media artist living in Macleod. I am driven by the materials that are all around us, with a strong emphasis on working sustainably. I use mainly broken crockery – plates, cups, vases, bowls, glass and remnant tiles, ceramics, marble and other materials that would otherwise go to landfill. I love working with community – people of all ages and abilities, to create works that are joyful, engaging and strongly linked to the objects or living things that matter to people. I love to share my passion for mosaics with people in beginners workshops where participants can gain confidence in their creative ability and find joy in pattern making with the smallest of unlikely objects.



Location: Macleod




Studio Amenities: Tea, coffee, biscuits
Child friendly

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