Vladimir Esipov


Heidelberg West (Zone 3)

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My work is often driven by the desire to give used materials a second life. Ordinary bottles can become a lamp or a chandelier. Ordinary firewood can turn into violins. Wood and metal scraps alone and in combination can create artistic compositions. I am interested in all possible ways of expressing myself as an artist. This includes sculpture and drawing, computer graphics and printmaking, bone carving and photography. Many of my works are about me. In them are my fears and my smiles, in them are my angels and demons in them about love and passion and wings … many wings.
My works are not perfect, but I study, I study a lot and with pleasure. I love to learn new things, to study other artistic ways of self-expression of which there are an infinite number. It is a pity that it is impossible to embrace their immensity.



Email: es.vlad@mail.ru

Studio Amenities: tea/coffe/toilet
Child friendly: yes